Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions


Seller is a company or a physical person from a list of sellers that sells products through a webshop to the buyer. Information about the seller is sent to the buyer’s email address and is visible on the receipt and warranty paper of the bought product.

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Buyer is every physical person or a company that buys products through a webshop in a way that’s described in these sale policies, which are a part of every purchase agreement made between the seller and the buyer. The buyer selects at least one product, adds it to the cart, pays it through the payment gateway available on the shop (credit cart, e-banking, etc) or he sends the order to the Seller and pays by cash upon delivery. These sales policies are available to buyers at any time and can be saved, reused and reproduce.

General regulations

These general regulations regulate the relationship between the Buyer and the Seller, relative to conditions and the way product is ordered, prices of the product, terms and conditions of payment, warranty for the products and the conditions of its use, rights to object and breach of contract, terms and conditions of delivery and shipping, protecting the confidentiality of personal and other data and other issues related to the online store.

  • The contract of sale of products between the Buyer and Seller is concluded at the time of the receipt of the confirmation of order on the buyer’s e-mail address.
  • The purchase and delivery of products can be made in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and EU.
  • With the buyer purchasing the products via the online shop is considered that he read, took note of all of these notices and consequently accepted the general terms and conditions as an integral part of the sales contract.
  • The buyer can only be a person of legal age and business capable person. Contract in the name and on behalf of the minor and a business incapable person may conclude their legal representatives or guardians, and partly business incapable person may conclude a contract only with the consent of their legal guardian. To act contrary to this regulation the Seller bears no responsibility.
  • Customers are required to provide accurate, current and complete personal information when filling out the registration form, and doing contrary authorizes the Seller to refuse access to such user and realization of all or part of the service offered by the online shop.
  • Seller is entitled, without notice, change the content of these General Terms, range of products, prices of the same, other data related to the online shop as well as all the other content for which customers are required before any purchase examine and read the contents of the same. Contrary treatment frees the Seller from any responsibility.
  • Seller is released from any liability for damages that may arise on devices that allow access to the online shop, and the data stored on these devices when using the online store if it has been created as a result of unlawful actions of third parties, computer viruses, etc. and other cases that the Seller isn’t responsible. Also, the Seller is released from any liability in the event of circumstances that prevent the use of the online shop.
  • The deadline for payment of the amount indicated in the ordered is 7 days, unless stated payment on delivery. If within this period of 7 days the amount is not paid, the Seller and the Buyer have not agreed otherwise, the order becomes invalid and is deleted from the system.

Terms of purchase

  • Online purchase can be realized only if the customer logs on to the allotted space.
  • When filling out the application form, buyer is obliged to provide accurate, current and complete personal information. Products that can be purchased are placed on the website, and each product has presented data on product specifications, price and the associated annexes (declaration of conformity, operation instructions, etc.)
  • Selection of the desired product is carried out by adding it to the cart with the link “Add to cart”. If the buyer completes the order of the products, meanwhile, the Seller sold the products, the Seller will contact the Customer to agree on further action (reimbursement rates, the purchase of another product or the supply of products in the shortest possible time when the Seller obtains them.)
  • In the “Cart” are all products that the customer chose to purchase along with the price of the product and the total price (including VAT).


Payment methods

Until full payment of products from individual orders, the ordered products remain the property of the Seller even if they were already delivered to the buyer. If the payment method selected is by credit card, and in case of failure of payments for any reason, the buyer is required to pay its order of products ordered in one of the other methods offered within 5 days of receipt of the informative call from the seller. In the case of non-payment or full payment, Seller has the right to demand the return of the product from the customer in perfect condition (the products must be unused, undamaged and in its original unopened container). Seller sends the invoice electronically (e-mail) and in a durable medium (paper) which is a warranty card with valid evidence for complaints and service during the warranty period.


All prices are in Croatian kuna (HRK) and include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices if not stated otherwise (the case of sales and special discounts). Prices are valid at the time of sending the offer and they do not have a predetermined duration. Prices are valid in the case of payment with the above methods of payment under these conditions. These prices are valid only for purchase in the online shop and may differ from the prices in showrooms. Despite the extraordinary efforts to ensure the most current and accurate data, it is possible that the information on price is not accurate. In this case, or in the event that the product price changes during the processing of orders, the seller will allow the buyer to cancel the purchase and at the same time will offer a solution acceptable to both sides. The validity period of the special offer and terms of shares and other special forms of sales (sales, seasonal sale, etc.), which are distinguished from each other, are provided with any such offer.

All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The charged amount on your credit card account is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.

The right of withdrawal from the purchase and returning the products

The customer has the right, without giving reasons for doing so unilaterally terminate the contract of sale was concluded through the online shop within 14 days of the date when he or a person designated by him got the product. The customer can do it through any unambiguous written statement sent to the Seller by e-mail or by physical mail of the Seller mentioned in the electronic confirmation of the order in which to list his name, address, phone number or e-mail and information on the product ordered or received. Seller shall promptly deliver to the Buyer a confirmation of receipt of the statement of termination. In the event that the buyer makes the termination of the contract, Seller will return the entire amount paid, including the cost of the delivery in accordance with the terms of these General Terms and Conditions, if paid, in the same way as the payment was made. The refund will be made only after the Seller receives the product on the address indicated on the invoice. The direct cost of returning the goods will be covered by the buyer. Returned products must be unused, undamaged and in original packaging with the attached copy of the receipt. The buyer shall be liable for any impairment of the goods resulting from the handling of goods, other than that it was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the product.


The delivery of all packages Love my space dizajn j.d.o.o. sends quickly and securely via Hrvatska pošta.

Delivery of your package arrives within 10 working days, anywhere in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and EU, other than on the islands.

Delivery is calculated by weight and is clearly shown on the cart and payment pages.

When accepting the goods, you are obliged to check for any damage and immediately advertise the courier employee who provided goods or reject to take package that has  visible external damage.

Merchandise is secured from loss in delivery, and if even after 10 days of placing the order, you don’t receive any notice or delivery of your package, you must inform us as soon as possible, so we can take action to get your order found or so we can send the replacement. If you do not take the order within 10 days, the order is returned to the Seller.

Privacy and collection of personal data and their use

Love my space dizajn j.d.o.o. agrees to protect customers’ personal data in a way that it collects only necessary, basic information about customers / users that are necessary for fulfilling our obligations; inform customers about the way we collect information and regularly give customers an option about how their data, including the decision whether or not to have their name removed from lists used for marketing campaigns. All user information is strictly confidential and available only where such information is necessary to perform the job. All employees Love my space dizajn j.d.o.o.. and business partners are responsible for respecting the policy.



All communications related to the process of orders and to enter into a contract of sale between the buyer and seller is done via email and / or phone number that the buyer enters during the registration process. Notifications of monthly promotions and marketing emails sent by Seller to Buyer shall be clearly and unambiguously marked as advertisements. The sender must be clearly visible. Seller will unconditionally respect the desire of users that don’t want to receive messages and notifications of monthly actions. Upon registration each user automatically gets signed up for the newsletter. It is possible to recall the arrival of the newsletter so that when it receives the first newsletter you press the link – Opt out of our newsletter.


Release of liability

Seller is trying with all its strength to ensure compliance and accuracy of data published on the website. Despite that, the characteristics of products, their balance in stock and price may change so rapidly that the Seller fails to update the information on the website in a timely manner. In this case the Seller shall inform the Buyer within the shortest possible period of time about the changes and enable him to recall orders or replace the ordered products. All photos of products on the website Love my space dizajn j.d.o.o. are symbolic and do not reflect the features of the product.


Complaints and disputes

These terms and conditions are in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and other regulations of the Republic of Croatia. Customers can send the complaints to the Seller in writing and by mail, fax or electronic mail as outlined in the Sellers list. Seller shall immediately confirm that the complaint is received, inform you of how long the processing will take and timely inform you about the course of the procedure and no later than 15 days after the complaint was received the same answer. Seller and Buyer will try to solve all disputes by all means, and if they fail, the Customer may submit an application to the Court of Honour of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in the case where the name of the company or the Court of Honour of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in the case where the trade is registrered or submit a proposal to Conciliation authorized Mediation Centre. The proceedings before the courts of honor carried out in accordance with the Rules of the Court of Honour at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Rules of the Court of Honour at CCTC, and before the Conciliation Centre under the Law on Mediation and Conciliation Rules of the chosen center for conciliation. In the event of a dispute before a court of competent jurisdiction shall be the competent court in whose territory the address of the Seller is.